Curtitechabon: February 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Difference Between Thermofuse, Thermostat and Thermal protector

Although largely a function of the same three components namely as a circuit breaker, but it turns out there are some striking differences of the three. The difference lies in the form of components and devices that use electricity.

Other names or translations of these tools are free from temperature fuse, this tool is mostly used on the fan, rice cooker and some kind of board. When the temperature of the device has exceeded the power limits of temperature thermofuse maximal, then thermofuse will immediately cut off the electric current. Thermofuse including the type of disposable components, must be replaced if it is damaged. The amount of the maximum temperature that can hold this tool can be seen in the body of this component.

 Thermofuse Fan

Use this tool more complex than Thermofuse and Thermal protector. This tool is generally used in hot and cold equipment. For example, for heat equipment is a rice cooker, magic jar and dispenser. As for the cold appliances are refrigerators, freezers and dispensers. To Fridge Thermostat and Iron categorized as Adjustable Thermostat or Thermostat that can be adjusted as needed.

The workings of the component Thermostat is when the temperature has reached the maximum temperature that can hold, then this tool will automatically cut off the electricity that led to the load. Then when the temperature dropped tool will back flow of electric current to the load, this process runs continuously and over and over again.

A somewhat opposite generally is Defros Bimetal Thermostat or Defrost Thermostat. This component is used in refrigerator 2 doors. As already discussed, in general Thermostat works by cutting the electric current in the load, but to Defrost Thermostat, this tool works by passing an electric current to the load when it reaches the maximum temperature that can be held (cold temperatures)

 Thermostat Magic Jar
 Thermostat Ricecooker, Magic Jar and Dispenser Heater

 Refrigerator Thermostat

Iron Thermostat

 Defrost Thermostat

Themal Protector

These components are used in equipment such as water pumps and induction as well as a great safety tool that uses an electrical current power panel. This component is sometimes also referred to as overload Protector